School Policies

Yealand CE Primary
School Policies

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Our policies describe explicitly how we do things, aiming to keep our pupils safe as well as helping us strive to meet our stated aims and fulfilling the School’s Vision.

If you would like a paper copy of any school policy, please contact the school office.
telephone: 01524 781360

Behaviour Policy 2019

Public Health Privacy Notice

Home school agreement 2019

2018 Charging and Remissions

Data Protection Policy 2019

Early Years policy 2018

E Safety Policy 2019

English Policy nov 17

Volunteer Helpers Policy 2017

Yealand School Privacy Notice

Safeguarding Policy 2018-19a


Yealand Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

More able, gifted and talented policy 2019

Health & Safety Policy Rev Sept 2019

Complaints Procedure

The Education Act 2002 requires all maintained schools and maintained nursery schools to have a procedure for dealing with complaints relating to the school, except where these are covered by other statutory complaints procedures. The requirements for academies are set out the Education (Independent School Standards (England) Regulations 2014 Schedule 1, part 7. 

In respect of complaints regarding community facilities /events or extended services that hire the school premises, schools must ensure that all these organisations have their own complaints procedures and that they are up to date.

Complaints policy

Complaint Form