School Data

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School Data

Year 6 SAT Results Table

(2 pupils)

Met Expected Standard 


Average Scaled Score
Reading 50% 103
SPAG 50% 101
Mathematics 50% 101
Writing (TA)  100%  

To meet the expected standard pupils needed to gain 28 marks out of 50 for reading, 58 marks out of 110 in Maths and 36 out of 70 in SPaG to receive the 100 scaled score.

Children scoring highly

DfE threshold for a high score in 2019 was set at 110. Children achieving high scores at Yealand were:

Reading: 0%

Mathematics: 0%

SPaG: 0%

Working at Greater Depth in Writing: 0% 

Combined standards in Reading Writing and Mathematics

50% of children reached the new expected standard in reading, writing and maths this is below the national average of 65%

of children reached a high standard

 Ks1-KS2 Progress Measures

 Reading progress score -5.48 (Confidence Interval -14.0 to 3.1) Not significantly different from the national average

Writing progress score  -2.48 (Confidence Interval -10.4 to 5.4) Not significantly different from the national average

Mathematics progress score -5.42 (-12.9 to 2.1) Significantly worse than the national average 

Key Stage 1 (KS1) Results summary

(3 pupils)

Met Expected Standard 


Greater Depth
Reading 100% 33%
Mathematics 67% 33%
Writing 33%  


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

2018-2019 – 1 pupil achieved 100%

2019-2020 No Phonics Screening took place due to Covid19