School Data

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School Data



(3 pupils)

Met Expected Standard


Average Scaled Score
Reading 67% 106
SPAG 67% 101
Mathematics 67% 103
Writing (TA)    

Children scoring highly


DfE threshold for a high score in 2017 was set at 110. Children achieving high scores at Yealand were:


Reading: 0%

Mathematics: 33.3%

SPaG: 0%

Working at Greater Depth in Writing: 0% 



Combined standards in Reading Writing and Maths

33% of children reached the new expected standard in reading, writing and maths this is below the national average of 61%

33% of children reached a high standard


Ks1-KS2 Progress Measures


Reading progress score 2.6 (Confidence interval -4.4 to 9.6)


Writing progress score  -6.3 (Confidence interval  -13.1 to 0.5)


Maths progress score   -0.2 (Confidence interval  -6.6 to 6.2)