This week we are celebrating…


Yealand School Councillors, elected by the pupils, these children are the voice of the pupils in school. The Year 6 School Councillors also working as Pupil Governors and make regular reports to the Curriculum Governing Committee.
The pupils meet weekly to read through suggestions posted by pupils and staff and work along with Mrs Beswetherick to action some of the ideas put forward. At the moment the group are drawing up a list of playtime equipment and games that will replace some of the existing resources in school. 



                     Robin Class’ resident Historian                                 Swallow ‘Soap Masons’



                     Robin Class VIP Leader (22.09)                              Swallow Class VIP Leader (22.09)



                   Swallow Class VIP Leader (15.09)                              Robin Class VIP Leader (15.09)



               Perfect Presentation in Swallow Class                     Magical Mathematics in Robin Class




… Year 5 & 6 Cycling Award


… the arrival of Miss Thomas, new pupils and Nursery.